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Looking for something to do tomorrow (Saturday, Oct. 22)? Head to our Library for the Performing Arts anytime between noon and 6 


Aboriginal singer and dancer addresses teams from 31 countries and reminds them that the area they crossed during the race belongs to many Aboriginal nations. He speaks during awards ceremony at the end of the World Solar Challenge race across Australia. Sunday, October 23, 2011.

Photo by Marcin Szczepanski, Multimedia Content Producer/College of Engineering, U-M


Rather than repeat this over and over, I thought it would be helpful if I published a short timeline of events, from the day my MacBook was stolen, until today when I picked it up.

  • My MacBook was stolen on March 21, 2011 from my apartment in Oakland, CA. It happened during the day while I wasn’t…



The world’s first light field camera is here!

Lytro is that wild camera that lets you focus a photo after you’ve already taken it. (Here’s a vid showing how it works.)

They’ve *just* announced the deets: there’ll be 2 cameras, a $399 8GB model in grey or blue and a $499 16GB in red. Pre-orders start today to ship in 2012.

Lytro Announces World’s First Light Field Camera



Teusner Wines

“Teusner Wines are a small boutique winery based in the Barossa Valley, South Australia. They approached Sage to help them create a brand and package to sell their ‘MC Sparkling Shiraz’ for around AUD $65 retail. The feature graphics on this packaging represent bubbles in their simplest form – circles. The circle pattern, logo and appellation are printed in copper foil to add value to this concept.”

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Just came from having root canal treatment at Medieval Torture R US the dentist.

I am now dead.

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In memoriam.

[Illustration by Jonathan Mak. Thanks @danielholter for letting us know about this talented author of this design—we’d seen it everywhere sans attribution, and we’re happy to call him out now.]

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By Randy York

Before everyone thinks Nebraska scored no wins in Madison, Wisconsin, over the weekend, let the record show there was one: A record crowd of 420 at Friday’s South Union luncheon heard a…


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